PhD Level, supervision

  • Mark Hellsten, started at Aarhus University and Ratio, February 2022, -

  • Erik Engberg, started August 2020, -

  • Johan Karlsson, started January 2016, completed 3 April 2020. (then at Center for Family Enterprise and Ownership, Jönköping University)

  • Aili Tang, from January 2017, completed 25 May 2018. (then at Ratio)

  • Louise Johannesson, from April 2016, completed 23 March 2018. (then at the OECD)

  • Anton Gidehag, January 2015 – November 2016.

Master Level

  • Corporate Finance, main lecturer, 2018-

  • MSc Thesis*, advisor, Spring 2021-

  • International Trading System, initiator and main lecturer, 2011-2014

Undergraduate Level

  • BSc Thesis* advisor, Spring 2019-

  • Scientific Method (applied econometrics and Stata), teaching, third-year level, 2020- (survey)

  • Scientific Method (parts on applied econometrics using Stata), teaching, intermediate level, 2018-2019

  • Economic Analysis, teaching, basic level, Fall 2016

Guest lectures (e.g., at Örebro University, Uppsala University and Estonian School of Diplomacy)

*(Advice on choice of thesis topic: A good topic is often Specific, Engaging, potentially inspired by News, related to Supervisor's research area, based on Existing knowledge (previous theses and research), and has "enough" Data available.)