Short Bio

Magnus Lodefalk is an associate professor and senior lecturer at Örebro University. He holds a PhD in economics from Örebro University (2013) and a BSc in economics from Stockholm University (2000) and a BA in political science from Linneaus University (2004). During his education he has studied at the University of Nottingham (UK), Western University (CA) and Exeter University (UK). In 2013, Lodefalk was awarded the prestigious Jan Wallander and Tom Hedelieus three year post-doctoral research grant in economics. Between 2003 and 2014, Lodefalk also worked at the Swedish National Board of Trade, lately as a senior economic advisor.

Lodefalk has broad experience of analysis of structural economic change, internationalisation and trade policy. He has also headed capacity building in the area as well as lectured extensively on issues related to international economics.

His works are published in established academic journals and have been drawn upon by international organisations and the Swedish government. He has published more than 20 articles in international peer-reviewed journals. Lodefalk has extensive networks both nationally and internationally, primarily in academia, government and international organisations.


Born: November 24, 1969

Citizen of Sweden

Married to Maria Lodefalk

Two children: Axel (2006) and Elias (2009)

Living in Örebro - 2 hours westwards of Stockholm - but frequently stays in the Scandinavian mountains for skiing and hiking.

Other interests: playing music (bass and guitar), stand-up paddling, and skiing/hiking with the family, e.g., at their chalet by the Norwegian border.